Thank You

Hiya Stuart, It's Jade! Just wanted to say a massive thank for you for making my car look brand new again! Please thank everyone who worked on it too, such a great job better than I ever imagined! Hope everyone at JSM has a lovely Xmas! Thanks again!

Jade Myers

Highly Recommend

I'd like to give a big thanks to you and your team for the fantastic repair work they carried out on my car. After scraping the side of my car down a fence post I was horrified by the extortionate quotation provided by BMW to respray the door and rear of the car. After visiting Stuart and receiving his expert advice, I was very relieved by the quotation and over the moon when I got my car back to its perfect condition. I highly recommend the expertise and service provided by JSM team. This was also endorsed when my friend visited Stuart regarding some work he needed doing to his car and he received some advice from him that none of the other body repair companies had mentioned. This was because it would have been less respraying work and more replacement of a particular part, so less profit. My friend was overjoyed at the honest advice of Stuart. Thanks again.

Craig Townley

Amazing Job

I'd like to take the opportunity to say thank you for all your help following my car accident. When my car was hit whilst parked I called Stuart. I explained the situation to Stuart on the Monday morning and by Monday afternoon I had spoken with his legal team, had my car collected and was given a hire car. There were no complicated forms to complete and no hassle from the third party or their insurer's. JSM have done an amazing job, my car has come back within two weeks looking and smelling like brand new. I would have no hesitation on recommending your company and Samuels Law to friends, family and clients.

Micheala Martin

Very High Standard

Thank you for the recent repair work you did on my car. A few months ago I had an accident when reversing. In a rush I backed into a car that had suddenly stopped behind me. Instead of making a claim on my insurance I asked you, if you could repair the dent in my rear bumper and if it would be cost effective to do it this way, to save paying the excess and losing part of my no claims bonus. Right from the start I was impressed by your expertise and knowledge, plus you took time to explain the process. The work was done to a very high standard and now the bumper is the best part of the car. It was not only the fantastic finish by your expert body sprayer Jonathan, but the extra mile you went to hand it back cleaned and polished and smelling sweet and not of Dog anymore. Thanks Stuart and Jonathan.

Les Orr, Preston Carpet Cleaners

Good Service

Recently one of my clients was involved in a hit and run accident when the other party disappeared so fast that their details to this day remain unknown. As it was a business vehicle my client needed the vehicle to be repaired as soon as possible but obviously as the third party was unknown the 'insurance solution' to this accident was going to cost him both the policy excess and the loss of no claims bonus. When my client contacted me I advised him that with the policy excess and premium change he would be looking at an additional cost in year one of �750 and a cost on year two of about �200. I referred my client to Stuart to see if he could help and using his network of some 200 pre-used parts suppliers he managed to find my client replacement parts at a fraction of their new cost and effected a complete repair of the vehicle for some �600. Not only was this a good saving for my client against an insurance claim but Stuart was also able to have the vehicle repaired immediately. When I provide a referral I do like to find out the outcome and so last week I called my client and asked him how he had got on with JSM and what was the quality of the repair work. Having got to know Stuart it was of no surprise to me that my client had received good service and he was completely happy with the repair. Thank you for resolving this issue Stuart and be assured that I will continue to refer business to you where I can.

Clive Turner, J.D. Cliff & Company

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